Unblocktober Awards

Fogfilter was invented and patented to help Food Service Establishments separate all Fats,oil and grease (fog) at source and within the confines of the establishment. Fogfilter ensures that FSE’s can always meet their fog discharge consent easily and this can be verified at the point of discharge. Because Fogfilter can separate the fog stuck deep in suspension from the various detergents and dairy products within the waste stream, the fogfilter cartridge will capture this fog and the final effluent will always remain significantly below 100 parts per million required.

We promote the advancement of a UK best practice standard like British Board of Agrement to have all GRU type technologies assessed independently and certified independently for the percentile fats,oil and grease content within the waste stream. This will help FSE’s choose a technology that they can rely on.

We also promote the fit for purpose Rodier 9th edition gravimetry effluent testing standard to accurately measure fog levels in the waste streams at the point of discharge. This is to ensure that accurate effluent sampling of the final waste stream can be analysed before it enters the main drain and that a single gold standard testing regime could be adopted right across the Food Service Industry. It is difficult if not impossible to test effluent for fog levels after it has entered the main drains.Currently there are many establishments that require the use of the Landlords or Water Authorities drains to dose biological and enzyme dosing in the hope of digesting the fog down in the sewer below the street. There are a lot of variables such as temperature, variable flow rates, variable fog levels,  bleach , chemicals and other factors that can negatively affect a dosing process. Fogfilter takes the guessing out of establishing the final effluent quality and creates an environment where the FSE can easily manage and verify their fog discharge consent obligations without the additional worry of receiving large fines for breaching their discharge consent standard.

We take a lot of pride in this award and we will work hard to help others easily manage their fog management programs.