Fogfilter primarily comprises of 2 parts.

There is the Fogfilter 316 low carbon stainless steel housing that is manufactured to the highest international standard. Using 2mm stainless steel for the outer housing and 3mm stainless steel for the guide rails and weir , it is designed to last a lifetime. The unit comes with fittings to attach it to many GRU / GAD units and it is suspended off the floor when attached to the GRU/GAD. It can also be installed free standing and connected/hard plumbed along the outlet pipes network.

The Fogfilter cartridge is a simple innovative patented design. The cartridge is usually changed monthly on the GRU/GAD units. The cartridge itself is encased in steel with a stainless steel handle for easy changeover. It simply slides in and out with a stainless steel handle for ease of use. It is designed to have a bypass feature and not to block if the organic load becomes significantly higher than anticipated.


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Fogfilter has a patented biscuit cartridge that uses a unique manufacturing process that includes Activated Carbon (AC) within the biscuit. The AC has a surface area of a football field for every gram within the cartridge. Each cartridge has up to 1000 grams of AC sewn into this cartridge using our special trade secrets that allows water to freely flow transversely but retains the fog content for simple disposal or recycling to be burned for energy.

Fogfilter has uses in many industries where there are large volumes of water/liquid and a small amount of fog pollutants. It can be installed within swimming pool filters to remove suntan/body oils. It can be used in production facilities where fog in suspension has proved difficult to manage such a baby formula production,  printing works to separate vegetable oils etc. The uses are many , the technology is the same innovative patented simple Fogfilter technology. The frequency of the Fogfilter cartridge change will be determined by the amount of pollutants within the waste stream.

The Fogfilter patented technology is designed to make it much simpler for Food Service establishments (FSE’ s) to meet and exceed their discharge consent standards.