Fogfilter prevents all fats , oil and grease from entering the sewerage system. .

Including fog stuck deep in suspension from cleaning chemicals & dairy products

Fogfilter is available internationally, if you would like to know more about becoming a distributor….


Fogfilter is simple to understand, simple to install and simple to maintain. It can help prevent discharges of fog even when there is a glitch in the standard operation procedures (SOP’ s).


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Why choose Fogfilter?

Fogfilter is designed to attach to most Grease Removal Units or Grease Abatement Devices. It can be considered a polishing device that attaches to these units and has a monthly cartridge that can be easily changed.

Fogfilter is a new and innovative technology to assist in the fight to keep fog (fats,oil & grease) out of the main drainage systems.

Fogfilter does not require an electrical source and has no moving parts.

Fogfilter can also be used independently to filter out the fog from Dishwashers, Mop Drop Sinks and washing machines. This allows the FSE’ s to ensure that the fog pollution from these areas within the Establishment are stopped at source. More importantly, it allows for the highly emulsified waste water to be diverted away from the GRU/GAD . This can help avoid disrupting the very sensitive GRU/GAD process.

Gravimetric methods for measuring fog levels in water

“Rodier 9th edition Gravimetry “ is the gold standard to test a Food Service Establishments fats oil & grease levels in the waste stream. Accurate to <= 50 parts per million. Employing internationally accepted testing methods will ensure Best Practice for all Stakeholders. “



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    The Fogfilter patented technology is designed to make it much simpler for Food Service establishments (FSE’ s) to meet and exceed their discharge consent standards.