Testing and Certification


The patented Fogfilter technology assists the FSE to achieve a goal of #Zero fog pollution from their business. This is good for the environment , reduces the creation of “fatbergs”, protects the FSE brand from significant fines from local/Water Authorities for breaching discharge consents.

If the drains are free from fog pollution, the FSE will no longer bear the costs of tankers to clear the blockages. Toilets within the establishment will run freely.

Peace of mind, even when there is a hiccup in the system.

Most FSE chains take their environmental responsibilities incredibly serious. For an FSE to be seen publicly as a polluter can have negative and unwanted consequences. Achieving #Zero fog status can only enhance and protect any brand.  

SGS independent effluent sampling in fogfilter prototype trials in Hard Rock Cafe Port el Kantaoui.

The Fogfilter patented technology is designed to make it much simpler for Food Service establishments (FSE’ s) to meet and exceed their discharge consent standards.